Tuesday, January 10, 2006

DSP-006: Kelley Polar

Artist:Kelley Polar
Album Title: Love Songs of the Hanging Gardens
Label: Environ Records

Kelley Polar AKA Michael Kelley is an interesting caracter. He's a Classical Musician by Day, Left field Orchestral Disco Producer by night. He's got a cousin who's on the DFA label and sister who also does electronic music, but refuses to disclose their identities. He lives in a shack in rural New Hampshire and once lived on a farm caring for a heard of Scottish Longhair Cattle.

Take large serving of "Off The Wall" Era Michael Jackson, throw in some Vangelis & Kraftwerk and heaping helpings of tasty disco and Rich Strings and you've got Kelley Polar.

Kelley began Studying Music at the age of 3, listening to the Disco Records of Rinder & lewis on a toy record player, and eventually began playing Piano, Violin and Viola (the last of which is the instrument he loves the most and is the one that pays his bills). He then went on to study music at the Oberlin Conservatory and Juilliard. While in NY in the mid 90's he nurtured those Disco roots forming the Kelley Polar Quartet and started releasing Singles and laying down string sections for the Environ Records label. Now days Kelley is the violist for the Apple Hill Chamber Players, a group known worldwide for playing primarily in conflict areas such as the Middle East and Northern Ireland, while he quietly works on his other passion; the quirky, moody, string fueled, Orchestral-Disco sound that is Kelley Polar.

• 0:0:0: Intro
• 0:0:18: Host Joe Shockley
• 0:1:12: Cosmological Constancy
• 0:3:43: Host Joe Shockley
• 0:4:41: Here In The Night
• 0:7:31: Outro

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