Wednesday, April 19, 2006

DSP-018: Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

1. Editors - Munich - The Back Room - Kitchenware


2. Apartment - June July - Everyone Says I'm Paranoid (Single) - Fierce Panda/Fleet Street


3. Band of Horses - Funeral - Everything All The Time - Sub Pop


4. Mogwai - Auto Rock - Mr Beast - Matador


5. Wolfmother - Woman - Woman (Single) - Modular



Chris Halliwell said...

hey joe,
Found you on iTunes very randomly about a week ago and downloaded one set, thought it was fantastic and downloaded the rest. i notice your lacking any comments, don't worry man, your doing an awesome job. i love the sets that you crack out every week there amazing, really cool music. The last set was the best by far, the feature on the english bands like the editors and the apartments were a really good, i love there music. I live in England my self and you should research further into the english bands they're hot right now! look out for acts such as Deluka, Computerman and Uncomfortables all can be found on myspace and all are really really cool bands, (especially Deluka, crazy electronica indie band) keep up the good work,


gr said...
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