Friday, September 01, 2006

MP3: Marqui Adora - White Buildings Podcast

Some more shameless self promotion...

A few weeks back I posted the song "Do Anything" from my band Marqui Adora. After recieving a flood of positive feedback I figured Hey, why not post up a little more. So... with our new album, White Buildings, John Tooker (Bass/Keys of Marqui Adora and host of "Off-Course") went a head and made a podcast of the entire record and put it up for free on the Marqui Adora podcast feed (feed://

For those of you who have already heard it no worries a new Datasound Podcast is on the way this weekend packed with tons of new music!

For those who are hearing it new and 1st time, Enjoy and send me your feedback!

Have a WICKED Weekend!


Joe Shockley


Artist/Band: Marqui Adora
Album: White Buildings Podcast

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