Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Drum processing with Depeche Mode

I found this interesting, especially since I just saw Depeche Mode a few weeks ago. What's most interesting is the number of processes the drums will go through before it reaches your ear.

When I saw the band I thought for sure the drums were sampled, meaning the drummer was triggering the drum sound from a sampler every time he hit the drum. From a live performance standpoint using ableton in this way is certainly a better option than playing triggers. To be able to have that processed sound with a live kit is really the best of both worlds and allows a drummer to have a much more expressive palette to play with.

Of course now this means I have to tear down my electric kit, set up my acoustic, plug in bunch of mics, run them to an interface feeding Ableton and then run the signal out to a PA. Sounds like a lot of work... "Hey John..." :)

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