Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wild Beasts - The Fun Powder Plot

The Fun Powder Plot by Wild Beasts  
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Wild Beasts remind of the 80's in the best way possible.  Eccentric English guys who can play their instruments extremely well and clean. They use words not commonly found in modern pop music, such as "bereft", "bovver" and "donkey-jaw diction". Their songs are full of drama made of glassy guitars and syncopated rhythms and have a feel that is both "modern and of the renaissance" to quote their myspace page. Boasting Falsetto, Tenor and Baritone vocalists, I had to ask myself, "Is that Antony of Antony and the Johnsons sining with a more restrained Mew..." No it isn't but it sure sounds like it. 

From all of the songs on the 2nd record, Two Dancers, I choose "The Fun Powder Plot" simply because it's the 1st song on the album and it gently lulls you into their overall dramatic and dynamic sound. Plus it has may favorite lyric of the whole record "This is a booty call; my boot, my boot, my boot, my boot up your arse hole."

Love it.


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