Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Skofflaws - William Shatner

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So I was going to write about Dax Riggs this week, but <a href="">after reading this article</a> I was inspired to 1st clean up my iTunes library a little bit, you know just for about an hour or so. Well 3 hours later I had reached Art of Noise and I was exhausted; fatigued from rating, renaming, categorizing & deleting files.  Dax was gonna have to wait.

Think about it, do you realize how many albums Aphex Twin has?  

To cleanse my pallet a bit and switch tasks around the house I started importing a few old CD's and came across The Scofflaws - Ska in Hi-Fi. 

I was never a hugh Ska fan, I came up during the 3rd wave of the Ska movement which was more Ska-punk than ska, but I still to this day have a soft spot for those ska groups that were more of the classic 1st wave Calypso meets R&B meets Jazz vibe and 2nd wave 2 Tone vibe. The Scofflaws fit somewhere between that 1st and 2nd wave.

A lot of their songs are pretty goofy, Including William Shatner, but they feature great musicianship and are lot of fun to listen to. I saw the band live once in '95 or '96 and I remember a lot of the kids not getting it. Their sound wasn't punk enough, but the Ska purists, they got it and loved it.


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