Sunday, May 06, 2007

DSP-039: The Chemical Brothers Do It Again!

This weeks show features new and old music from The Chemical Brothers who are back with a new album entitled “We Are The Night" set for release on June 18th.  As usual the album features several collaborations with artists outside the norm for electronic music, guest spots include The Klaxons, Fatlip, Willy Mason, Midlake and Ali Love who appears on the 1st single "Do It Again" which is due out June 4th, 2007. For this weeks show I've put together a little mix that features 2 tracks from their limited edition Electronic Battle Weapons series, Numbers 8 & 9, as well as my personal favorite "Life is Sweet", then I'll wrap it up with their latest, "Do it Again (feat. Ali Love)"


We Are The Night Track listing:

01. No Path To Follow 

02. We Are The Night 

03. All Rights Reserved (Featuring The Klaxons) 

04. Saturate 

05. Do It Again (Featuring Ali Love) 

06. Das Spiegel 

07. The Salmon Dance (Featuring Fatlip) 

08. Burst Generator 

09. A Modern Midnight Conversation 

10. Battle Scars (Featuring Willy Mason) 

11. Harpoons 

12. The Pills Won’t Help You Now (Featuring Midlake)

Podcast Track List:

01. The Chemical Brothers - Electronic Battle Weapon 9 - Electronic Battle Weapon 8/9

02. The Chemical Brothers - Electronic Battle Weapon 8 - Electronic Battle Weapon 8/9

03. The Chemical Brothers - Life Is Sweet (Remix 2) - Life Is Sweet Single

04. The Chemical Brothers - If You Kling To Me I'll Klong You - Life Is Sweet Single

05. The Chemical Brothers - Life Is Sweet - Exit Planet Dust

06. The Chemical Brothers - Do it Again (feat. Ali Love) - We Are The Night


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