Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Sky Drops - Truth Is

"The Sky Drops are gaze-grunge duo Rob Montejo and Monika Bullette. This Delaware twosome unearths an ocean-size of sound -- a superforce of guitar, drums and vocals. "What a Loveless-era My Bloody Valentine kicking Elliot Smith from his grave would sound like (with a twist of lemon)." - Andrew - fan of The Sky Drops"

That sums it up.  I stumbled upon this duo yesterday and immediately found them to be familiar and fresh at the same time. Takes me back to the mid 90's but keeps me present with their stripped down duo sound and straight ahead drive. The vocals are really the key, they help to lift up the overall mood of the songs, they could've easily and lazily gone a more sludgy direction. They have a 5 Song EP which has another stellar song called 'Now Would Be' that is well worth checking out.

'Truth is' comes off their debut Long player "Bourgeois Beat".

Truth Is by The Sky Drops  
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