Monday, May 02, 2011

Joe Shockley Podcast-030: 05/30/2011

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Today's Episode is a little off, I spent about two hours prior to recording messing around with the Apogee One and Garageband trying to determine why the latency was so bad. Finally, frustrated and running out of time, I recorded the show and suffered through the latency issues.  So you just might pick up on my irritation a little bit.  My apologies, tomorrow I think I'll go back to the my G4,  MBox and Ableton Live.

1. New Noise - Refused - The Shape Of Punk To Come: A Chimerical Bombation In 12 Bursts
2. Ten-Twenty-Ten - Generationals - Actor-Caster
3. Blueprint - Fugazi - Repeater + 3 Songs
4. Eyes Closed - Netsky - Eyes Closed
5. Pearls Girl - Underworld - Second Toughest in the Infants
6. Police and Thieves - The Clash - The Clash
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