Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's a small and interconnected world out there...

So this morning I went to a customer who was referred to me by another customer of mine. He had a MacBook Pro and MacBook that had water damage and needed data recovered. No Problem, the drive's are still in pretty good shape. As I'm transferring data we get to talking. He's into music, me to. He's in to tech, Me to. He was a former CEO of AOL Canada... Um... I once had a song placed in a Nissan commercial? Doesn't quite match up, I know. He's Canadian, I'm going to Canada Tomorrow! We both read Bob Lefsetz! We both know some of the same people in the music industry. He's shifting out of the tech world and into the Music world; developing a Jam band and starting an All-in tech savvy management company, I'm shifting away from music (as a source of income) and more into the tech industry (as a source of income.) He dig's Drum and Bass, I made Drum and Bass. It goes on and on. None the less I get back to the office to enter his info in my address book and find a press release about him on line. The press release was written by the person who referred me to him. It sure is a small interconnected world at times.


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