Saturday, August 29, 2009

Myspace, you're dead to me... Eeven in Alaska!

It's sad really. I met my wife on myspace, I put my band together on myspace and even made a considerable amount of money on deals fostered through relationships that started on myspace. But Myspace fell behind. It became bogged down with elndless self promotion from bands and web cam girl spam bots. And now as I sip Glacier Mint Tea in Kaladi Brothers in Downtown Anchorage, AK surrounded by bearded Alaskan Hipsters on their iPhones it becomes clear; Myspace, you're dead to me. Twitter and Facebook will most likely meet the same end but for now they're totally on top, Even in Alaska.

 (No offense to any Alaskan natives or transplants, I just realized everyone here has an iPhone and and not everyone voteed for Sarah Palin.)

Joe Shockley
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