Tuesday, April 05, 2011

For new Mom, Smart Phone's are essential.

In a recent study about Mobile Moms, BabyCenter found that becoming a mom is a trigger for embracing the mobile devices, which can be ironic as our mobility is mostly limited to moving between the kitchen and the all-purpose living room/nursery/home office/dining room. The study cites Morgan Stanley data that estimates 2011 will be the year where more smartphones and tablets will ship than notebooks and desktops. More than half of moms they surveyed said they purchased a smartphone as a direct result of becoming a mom. The camera became the most important usage for the phone, and apps to help keep herself organized and her kids entertained went from not needed to essential.

I'd say this is pretty spot on with a lot of my clients, friends and my wife. The iPhone is how Kristen (my wife) can stay on top of FaceBook happenings, work, news & gossip. She's snapping pictures & video of our little one daily and streaming Pandora, MOG and YouTube on the regular. And don't forgt Texting, Emailing and even making Phone Calls!

She still say's she'd like a laptop for those moments when Flash is needed or the small form factor hinders things like filling out forms or writing longer email messages.

But over all, the iPhone is her gateway to the world and I see this as a common theme with all of our friends that are relatively new moms. And I especially see it with with many of my clients who have become more dependent on their iPhone's then they are of their Desktops & Laptops.

Times they are a changing.


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